The Experience

Were going to do things a bit differently.

The Experience

Were going to do things a bit differently.


We'll start out by chatting about what you're looking for, scheduling, and once we've both decided we're the right fit for each other and have moved ahead with a contract, that's when the real planning begins. You'll receive a detailed questionnaire and you'll have the option to work through it in your own time, or with me over the phone/FaceTime. We'll use the information gathered in the questionnaire to inspire location and outfit ideas, and activities to do during the session. You'll also receive an in-depth session guide to have in your back pocket for reference.

I ask that my clients come into this with an open mind, and willing to engage in a collaborative creative process with me to make sure what we create together is the most unique to them as it can be.

Choosing a location & activities

The location of your session is a huge part of what anchors your photos to your real life in an honest way.

At home is and always will be my favourite place to photograph people. Not only is it where you're most comfortable, but it's a part of you and it's where so many memories happen. Your home doesn't need to be perfect, and there are endless possibilities for things we can do during an at-home session to make it meaningful to you. What does "at home" mean to you? Maybe its not your home, maybe its the vintage truck you've had for decades, maybe its your table at the coffee shop you frequent. We can get creative with what "at home" means to you.

If you prefer outdoor sessions or that golden hour light, we'll brainstorm locations that have meaning to you. It could be anything from your favourite hiking trail or your favourite park to picnic at, to the skate park down the street.

My approach

The experience of having photos done shouldn't be stressful. My goal is for us to work together every step of the way so that it feels like a joint creative project rather than something to check off your to do list. Let's keep reason you're doing this - documenting this precious time in your lives - front and centre.

Let's make it fun. Make it a date night, or fun family outing. Go for dinner before or out for ice cream after!

During this session my goal will be to notice and document the details and interactions between you. I prefer not to come into sessions with a set list of poses, but rather act as a fly on the wall. We'll use those activities we choose through the questionnaire to guide us, and I'll prompt you along the way as well.


Depending on the time of year, it typically takes between 3 - 4 weeks for me to fully edit a gallery. When is complete you'll receive all of your digital images in an online gallery. But you didn't really do this to have your photos live on your phone for all eternity, did you? I'm here to help you get your images printed and displayed in your home.

Its about more than crossing something off the to-do list. More than the pretty holiday card worthy shot. These are images you'll show your grandchildren. Remember that.