"All that matters is that you are making something you love, to the best of your ability, here and now."

—rick rubin

who I am:

I grew up in Calgary, Alberta and swapped the Canadian Rockies for the Colorado Rockies just over 5 years ago. While I always had an interest in art and photography starting way back in the dark room in middle school, I spent the first chunk of my life traveling all over Canada working as a corporate recruiter. Two kids and a move to the US later, I took the leap and started photographing people other than my own kids and never looked back. I'm so incredibly grateful for this gift of a job I have the honour of doing, for the places I've gotten to visit because of it, and most of all for the clients turned true friends its brought my way.

When I'm not behind the camera (or behind my laptop editing), you're most likely to find me at one of my boys' soccer games, making a huge mess in the kitchen, reading the latest thriller I picked up, or FaceTiming with friends and family back home.

behind the lens:

If I've learned anything on this parenthood journey of mine so far its that time goes by outrageously fast. Whatever stage of life you're at, the moments you're living day to day are photo-worthy. The main thing I strive to do with all my clients is to notice. Notice the way your partner looks at you, notice that cowlick your child has in their curly hair, notice the way their chubby little hands look and their silly loose tooth smiles. I want my clients to forget about any version of perfect they feel pressure to live up to, and instead embrace beautiful messy reality of life as it is. And then I want them to print it and put it on their walls or in books so one day their grandkids can look at it and know what it was really like.

“Look for what you notice but no one else sees.”
- Rick Rubin

What if we just had fun with it?

I'm here for the chocolate milk mustache faces, the toys on the floor, reading books, jumping on the bed, watching the sun set from your front porch kind of photos